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Experience a Culinary Journey Through Japanese Fine Dining

OMAKASE, derived from the Japanese word 任す (entrust), is a culinary experience that leaves everything up to the chef. At Craft Omakase, we designed an intimate space where you can indulge in a unique exploration of Japanese fine dining.

We offer a 22-course seasonal tasting menu featuring thoughtfully sourced ingredients and seafood. Our food is a testament to Japanese culinary craftsmanship, blending modern techniques and flavors with traditional preparation methods. At Craft Omakase, we celebrate each ingredient’s complexity in its simplicity, searching for balance and harmony that appeals to all the senses.

We invite you to enjoy a culinary journey centered around five principles of Japanese cuisine: balance, comfort, seasonality, technique, and tradition.

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We serve food, harmony, and laughter. Making delicious food and providing a wonderful eating experience.

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We present delicious and enticing dishes with high-quality ingredients. There is no set protocol for ordering from the menu.

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Meet Chef Charlie Wang

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